Earlier this year, we had little idea of what the future was going to hold in terms of the ongoing impact of Covid-19 on all aspects of our lives.

It’s not surprising that Ayr Music Club took the decision to cancel the four recitals planned for the first half of Season 20-21.

 At present, we hope to be able to resume concerts in January, 2021 to allow that part of the season to go ahead.  Once the viability of that becomes clearer later in the autumn, we intend to offer membership of the Club at a reduced subscription of £30, covering the three concerts over the period January to March 2021.

Single tickets will cost £15 per recital.

We appreciate that the lack of an evening’s entertainment for each of us is a lack of employment for those whose talent we are so privileged to enjoy, and from all points of view we hope to resume as soon as possible